What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

Patterns! Solids! Skirts! Heels! Boots! Barefoot??? Before you get lost in the details, there are a few important things you should know about dressing for your engagement photo shoot. It’s less about look and more about feel… we want you to feel confident, sexy, and fun (without being distracted). Believe it or not, we’ve had couples cancel their shoot the morning-of simply because they got in an argument over what to wear!

Do yourself a favor and do some basic planning now. Don’t worry about what does or doesn’t look good on camera, your engagement photographer is a professional and can work with whatever you give them. You’re job is to feel comfortable and have fun. Your photos will really show the difference!


Dress for Comfort and Authenticity!

First thing’s first… Wear something that you feel comfortable in! Don’t overthink it and don’t force yourselves into something awkward and unnatural. If you feel good, you look good. Your confidence is much more important than the latest Pinterest-perfect trend. Let’s be real, not all of us look/feel good in every latest fashion.

Consider what you might wear out to a nice date with your fiancée. It’s often better to go with something you know rather than a brand new outfit straight off the rack. You don’t want to be distracted by a loose zipper or a scratchy new seam; this photo session is about you! If you let your engagement photos reflect who you really are as a couple, they will stand the test of time for years to come!

Fall leaves Tulsa engagement photos with dogs

PRO TIP: What makes you feel at ease? Is your soon-to-be family incomplete without your dog? Bring him along too! What’s your favorite activity with your fiancée? Even a gym and workout clothes can make for fun and romantic photos if that’s an important part of your relationship.


Talk it Over with Your Guy

Ladies, remember that this authentic comfort is especially important for the gentlemen. Guys — or let’s just say most guys — haven’t exactly spent the last month dreaming about this photo shoot. Try not to force them into a look they’re not comfortable with, and don’t surprise them day-of with a whole new wardrobe! Remember what you fell in love with and work with them to find a nice look they feel comfortable in.

Guys, remember that this is a big deal for your bride-to-be! Make a point of taking the time to look your best. Again, this doesn’t mean you should go right out to buy a new expensive outfit. Be deliberate and don’t forget the basics: shave or trim, fix your hair, iron your shirt, and decide if you’re going tucked or untucked. We’ve been asked to photoshop everything from too-long neckties to “alfalfa hair.” Don’t be that guy!

Tulsa Oklahoma fall engagement photos outside grass

This beautiful couple is workin’ it and workin’ together! Collared shirt and sweater are a natural compliment to the scarf and riding boots.



We don’t see very many couples getting too matchy-matchy anymore, but coordination is still important! Decide on a general look or feel that fits you both. Your man’s boots and jeans might pair well with a summer sundress. A suit or sport coat might pair with heels and a favorite little black dress. This might seem pretty obvious, but you don’t want to show up sporting two totally different looks!

Of course, your look should fit the general feel of the shooting location too. There’s lots of great locations for engagement photos in Tulsa. Cowboy/girl chic for sunset photos among the hay bales, comfy-casual for the coffee shop, or dressed up for the after-hours bar… you get the picture.

Engagement photos in downtown Tulsa Brady District outside AHHA Museum

Jeans and a sport coat plus black dress and heals in Tulsa’s downtown Brady District. It all works together!


In Conclusion…

Don’t overthink this, and just have fun! Feel free to call your photographer to brainstorm locations or ask about looks. Remember that we’ll get all the necessary posed photos, but your favorites will probably be the ones of you interacting together — just being yourselves. This is a great time to get to know your soon-to-be wedding photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera. Good photography should be fun and easy. We hope you don’t just end up with beautiful photos, but great memories of a fun outing with your fiancée!

Tulsa Oklahoma engagement photographer travels to Oregon vineyards

We traveled all the way to Oregon to capture a weekend of beautiful lifestyle engagement photos with this couple. Where would you have your dream engagement shoot?